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Support from Thom McCann

We are pleased to announce that Thom McCann, candidate for Port of Seattle Commissioner, has taken a position in favor of saving the Eastside railroad.

Thom has a reform-oriented platform, which calls for increasing the transparency of Port operations and eliminating property taxes for the Port. He points out that ports in other cities operate without a subsidy from property owners (and thus from renters as well).

Consistent with his (and our) desire to clean up our local government and stop squandering taxpayers' hard-earned dollars on ill-conceived and wasteful projects, Thom is also strongly opposed to the controversial and murky three-way deal in which the Port would acquire the railroad from Burlington Northern and then transfer it to King County in order to remove the tracks and construct a bicycle trail.

Thom has provided a statement in favor of retaining the railroad, which can be found on our recently revised Statements of Support page. He will also be our guest at our June 3 public meeting.

Thank you, Thom. We wish you the best, and we look forward to working together.

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