Proposed Station Locations

Twelve locations have been identified for stations for the transit service that has been proposed for the Eastside railroad. These locations have been selected mainly on the basis of potential boardings as determined by nearby population density, by nearby travel destinations and by transfer potential from other transportation modes (i.e., bus and automobile). From south to north they are:

Map of Eastside Rail with proposed stops
Map with proposed stops (click to enlarge)
Renton Downtown:   The southern terminus of the line and adjacent to downtown Renton. A major bus transit center is a short walk away, and a large park-and-ride facility is located a short shuttle bus away. A heritage railway station already exists adjacent to the tracks, and it is currently used as the terminus of the Spirit of Washington dinner train.

Renton North:   A large, mixed-use project, The Landing, is under construction adjacent to the railroad. Also, the popular Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park and one of Boeing's major aircraft assembly plants are nearby.

Newcastle:   A lakeside residential area. This would be one of the most scenic but least used stops.

Newport Shores:   Fairly close to Factoria, a large shopping complex which may also become a high density residential area in the future. Direct access to Factoria is currently blocked by a freeway, but that could be remedied by a pedestrian overpass.

Bellevue:   Near busy Northeast 8th Street, this would probably be the most heavily used station on the system. It is just a short walk to the rapidly expanding Overlake medical complex as well as to shopping and office complexes. It is also a short shuttle bus ride to downtown Bellevue, which is the second largest urban core in the state and the largest destination on the Eastside. It is a slightly longer shuttle bus ride to Microsoft and numerous other destinations.

Kirkland I-520:   Close to a large, existing park-and-ride facility as well as to various businesses and residential neighborhoods.

Kirkland Carillon Point:   A short walk to the Carillon Point business park complex and Lake Washington beach parks.

Kirkland Central:   Reasonably close to downtown Kirkland, which has a growing population and is an increasingly popular destination because of its waterfront location, unique retail establishments and village-like ambiance.

Kirkland North:   Initially one of the less used stations but in an area with potential for commercial and residential development.

Kirkland Totem Lake:   Close to a large shopping center which is undergoing major renovation as well as to to the expanding Evergreen hospital complex. High density housing is also planned for the area.

Woodinville Downtown:   A growing commercial and residential area, and a tourist destination because of its wineries.

Woodinville North:   A light industrial area. This would be one of the less used stations.

Snohomish Downtown:   The northern terminus of the line. This small town is a tourist destination because of its charm and antique stores. Its biggest potential is as a transfer point for people coming from other, more heavily populated locations in Snohomish county.

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