Two tracks through downtown Redmond

The tracks on the Redmond branch remain intact through downtown Redmond, shown above. Partially visible to the the left is the new Redmond Town Center shopping and hotel complex, and to the right is the rapidly developing older part of downtown. The track formerly continued on to Issaquah, but that section was removed by King County several years ago despite vigorous protests and court battles by local residents and transit advocates. Plans are being made to start a trolley service on the remaining track for the short term. For the longer term, it would make sense to extend this track to the Eastside railroad main line near downtown Bellevue, thereby providing service to Microsoft, the Overlake district and the Northup corridor, for which plans are being made to redevelop as a high density commercial and residential area. (Photo: Eastside Rail Now!)

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Created March 19, 2007.
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