Scenes Along the Eastside Railroad

The Eastside railroad is a unique and irreplaceable resource because of its current transportation uses and its excellent location and availability for launching rail transit service. The route also features highly diverse and spectacular scenery that would make it the envy of any other region. It is clearly an asset that that should be treasured and preserved for the benefit of both current and future generations.

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Red locomotive and several silver colored passenger cars The Spirit of Washington dinner train at its terminal in downtown Renton.

Tracks entering and running on narrow street The tracks at Renton station converge to run on the street for a few blocks as they head northward.

Cars on freeway bumper to bumper in early evening North of Renton, the railroad runs parallel to I-405, the most congested freeway in the Northwest.

Two green locomotives partially visible through the woods and bushes A pair of Burlington Northern diesel locomotives haul a freight train southward over the Wilburton Tunnel.

Huge, dark colored wooden trestle The spectacular Wilburton Trestle, which is just north of the Wilburton Tunnel and south of downtown Bellevue.

View of downtown skyscrapers with park containing lake and waterfall in foreground The railroad passes close to downtown Bellevue, already the second largest urban core in the state but still in its infancy.

Modern white wooden building with track in foreground Reflecting the strong Japanese presence in Bellevue, the line passes by the U.S. office of one of that country's producers of traditional food products.

Double stack container cars rounding curve A double stack container train roars through Bellevue in April 2007.

Locomotive coming forward with three bright lights on its front A pair of diesel electric locomotives hauls a container train through Bellevue.

A freight car on a spur next to main line A freight car destined for a local industry sits on a spur close to downtown Bellevue.

Closeup of 90 degree crossing of two tracks Crossing of the main line and the Redmond branch near downtown Woodinville.

Unusual yellow vehicle with rubber tires next to tracks A hybrid road-rail track maintenance vehicle sitting next to the tracks near downtown Woodinville.

Track in wooded area A curved section of track just north of downtown Woodinville. The curve looks much sharper than it actually is because of the camera lens.

Goose with light brown body, black neck and black and white face next to track Wildlife thrives along the track, including here in the Woodinville's winery district.

Columbia Winery showing main building and outdoor vats The Columbia Winery on the Redmond branch line is the destination of the dinner train.

Track surrounded by trees and covered with leaves Fallen leaves litter the track as it passes through a grove beyond the Columbia Winery.

Redmond branch passes by a white barn A bucolic scene on the Redmond branch. An excellent job has been done in preserving this as a rural area despite its proximity to high density neighborhoods.

Tracks through downtown Redmond The track on the Redmond branch adjacent to Redmond Town Center. The track currently ends near here, but it is a good candidate for future extensions for transit use.

Two covered hopper freight cars on embankment and in front of solos Covered hopper cars at Spectrum Glass north of downtown Woodinville. The stained glass maker is one of about a dozen industries that rely on the railroad.

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