Simple station with train on right and passing siding on left

This is how a simple station on the Eastside railroad might look in a future phase after electrification. The photo is actually of the new light rail system in Nottingham in the UK.

Note the passing siding on the left, which enables trains to operate in both directions on what is mostly a single track line. Having only a single track offers some important advantages as compared with two tracks, including lower construction costs, reduced space consumption and lower maintenance costs. Two tracks are only necessary for lines with a very high frequency of service, such as every five or ten minutes, and they would not be necessary for the Eastside railroad, for which service would initially be several times per day or perhaps hourly.

The red nose on the vehicle is in celebration of "Red Nose Day," a charity event organized by British comedians. The Nottingham system has actively supported such events as an effective means of publicizing its new service. (Thanks to Stephen Dee for the photo and information.)

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